5 Big Reasons to Consider Full Mouth Dental Implants

Wearing dentures is uncomfortable in many ways. Not only do dentures come out of the mouth, they make talking, eating and enjoying yourself a challenge. Dental implants for the full mouth offer an excellent alternative that reduces these worries and provides you with a great smile. Read our list of five biggest reasons to consider replacing natural teeth using dental implants louisville and call the dentist to learn more.

1.    Dental implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone using a titanium screw that holds it in place. It looks and feels more like natural teeth. Using them in the entire mouth allows you to enjoy confidence in your smile and in your life.

2.    Implants cannot come out of the mouth so the worries over dentures falling out subside. You’re free to experience life and all that it offers after using the dental implants procedure -and do so with confidence.

3.    Dentures last about 7 years in best case scenarios. During this time, expect to visit the dentist for relines and repairs at least a few times. Not the case when dental implants replace the natural teeth. Take care of them as you do natural teeth and expect to enjoy a lifetime of smiles with them.

4.    There are many ways to pay for dental implants, despite their added costs over dentures. It’s true that most insurance policies include implants, but options such as on-site financing, credit card payments, and loans are available to ease the burden of the costs.

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5.    Implants do not hold you back in life in the same manner that dentures can. Not only are you more confident with implants, you aren’t restricted on the things that you can do, words and speech isn’t slurred, and you can eat all of the foods that you love the most.