Common Myths About Drug Addiction

Myths exit no matter the topic. Unfortunately, myths concerning some topics can be dangerous, as is the case with drug addiction. Being addicted to drugs changes you as a person and the life that you lead. It can even cause death if overdose affects your health from long-term use. Do not allow myths about drug addiction cause dismay for yourself or a loved one. Read below to learn more about some of the most common myths about drug addiction.

I Can’t Get Addicted

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Whether you tell yourself that you will only do drugs once or that you are stronger than the drugs, it is a lie and you are getting yourself up for failure. Addiction happens to anyone; there is no certain group of people affected.

Prescription Drugs are Safe

The truth is that opioids are painkillers prescribed by drugs and now they hold rank as one of the most commonly abused drugs in America. Do not allow the myth that prescription drugs are safe or non-addictive to cause trouble in your life.

Alcohol is Not a Drug

Just as many people think that prescription drugs are safe because they’re used in medical treatments, many think alcohol is safe because it is legal and sold in stores. It is not safe and causes a rash of potential problems for anyone who becomes addicted to the substance.

I Can Stop Any Time

If only things were that easy. You are again lying to yourself if you say that you can stop anytime. Addiction happens to the best of the best without control of the situation. Do not assume that you can stop using drugs.

Treatment isn’t Needed

Breaking free from drug addiction is no simple task. Most people who do it successfully have the help offered by professionals along the way. Attending an inpatient substance abuse treatment rosemead ca center can certainly benefit your treatment in a myriad of ways.